Welcome in this former house situated in the middle of vineyards.

On the facade, in the entrance, the sundial marks 1786. Is it the year of the construction ? Does a sundial say better the thruth than the hour ...?

In this period, essentially turned to the agriculture, the house had vocation of farm and the herds of sheeps had to gaze on the surroundings, and horses too.

The region was also known for the sericiculture and every family brought up silkworms.

It is in 1998 when we fell in love at first sight with this house which kept in its thick walls the dialogues of former days.

We restored it, we changed the distribution of internal volumes and we launched this beautiful ship in another direction.

It is at the moment a house for reception, holidays, of good time.

Listen to it, observe it, it kept numerous testimonies if its past, ...and all its secrets !